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July 31, 2012 by Chelisa

I finally broke down and saw a chiropractor.

After many years of sciatic nerve pain, made worse by running and carrying a human (in my belly for 9 months and in my arms for almost 2 years) I just couldn’t take anymore waking up feeling as though ants were biting my thigh. No more numbness, or swelling or lower back pain that made me unable to get out of bed without a lot of effort. Yesterday, I went for the initial physical, where he made me bend and felt my bones through my skin. Today, I had a meeting to discuss a course of action and then to have my first adjustment.

When I was seven, I was hit by a car. I broke my right ankle on the growth plate, and was told that my right leg would always be almost half an inch shorter than my left. I was lucky I never limped. Instead I danced, performed on stage, ran, and did all sorts of things that I should never have been able to do. The chiropractor showed me on my x-ray where my right hip was 14 mm higher than my left. He gave me an adjustment.

Walking out, I was still unsure that I hadn’t been sold snake oil. Until I realized how much lighter my step was. In the space of ten minutes, I realized that I had spent twenty-one years compensating. Unconsciously. When I didn’t have to anymore, I felt strangely on-balance. I may have walked like a model to my Bikram Yoga class, just because I could.

The posture and practice that I have today are not at all the same as they were. While I was watching myself in the mirror, making eye contact with the only real opponent I have in this world, I wondered how many things I’ve tried to overcome, not by addressing the real problem, but by compensating. Further throwing my system, body, emotions out of their alignment. Several things came to me through the 90 minute in the hot room, and I wasn’t consumed with how to make everything look better, but what I could do to make them really better. While I don’t have all the answers today, at least I’ve been able to identify the problems.

Take a minute and do a metaphorical x-ray on yourself today. For what are you compensating? Share your answers with the class, if you’d like.



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